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Works of Israeli Artists

Hall 10

Isaac Frenkel-Frenel


Oil on canvas, 50х70 см
Molly Chwat (1888–1979)


Oil on canvas, 31х37 см
Jacob Eisenscher (1896–1980)

Jaffa landscape

Oil on canvas, 35х50 см
Baruch Elron (1943-2006)

Birds, alarm clock and broken egg

Oil on canvas, 61 х 46 см
Dmitry Etkin (1966 г.)

In the Bahai Garden. Haifa, 2018 г.

Oil on canvas, 100х75 см
Elhanan Halpern (1914-1995)

View of the Jerusalem

Oil on canvas, 46x38 см
Enrique Hojman (1927 г.)

Adam and Eve

Board, assembly, 65х80 см
Shimshon Holzman (1907–1986)

View of the Galilee

Oil on canvas, 46х55 см
Shimshon Holzman (1907–1986)

Still life

Oil on canvas, 66х50 см
Osias Hofstatter (1905-1994)


Watercolor on paper, 28х27 см
Boris Schatz (1866-1932)

Old Lady

Bronze plate, 50X40 cm
Boris Schatz (1866-1932)

Torah Scribe

Bronze plate, 5x7 cm
Chaya Schwartz (1912-2001)

City landscape

Oil on paper, 37х47 см
George Schemeche (1935 г.)

Old jaffa

Oil on canvas, 50х70 см
Menachem Shemi (1897–1951)

On a walk

Oil on canvas, 53x62 см
Shmuel Schlesinger (1896–1986)

By the pool, 1920s

Oil on canvas, 61x73 см
Zvi Shor (1898–1979)

Still life

Oil on canvas, 55х40 см
Hermann Struck (1876-1944)

Yemenite Jew in Haifa, 1925

Watercolors on cardboard, 34x24 cm
Samuel Vaginsky (1937 г.)

Violinist on the roof

Oil on canvas, 12х20 cm
Shaul Victor (1947-2016)


Oil on canvas, 35х48 cm
Jacob Wexler (1912–1995)

Synagogue in Safed

Oil on canvas, 50х70 cm
Jacob Wexler (1912–1995)

Haifa, 1981 г.

Oil on canvas, 31х40 cm
Jacob Wexler (1912–1995)

Naked in the studio

Oil on canvas, 73х60 cm
Marcel Janco (1895-1984)

Boat on the Kinneret, 1960

Oil on cardboard, 35х50 см

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