The Jewish Society for the Encouragement of the Plastic Arts


Works of Israeli Artists

Hall 8

Ann Medalie (1896-1991)

Still life with pomegranates and grapes

Oil on canvas, 34x45 cm
Zvi Meirovich (1911–1974)

Book sellers on the banks of the Seine, Paris

Oil on canvas, 45x50 cm
David Meshulam (1930)

Halved Apple, a Woman

Bronze, 9x19x16 cm
Aharon Messeg (1942-2018)


Oil on canvas, 55х66 cm
David Messer (1912–1998)

City landscape with a lantern

Oil on canvas, 38х46 cm
Moshe Mokadi (1902–1975)

Landscape with a tree

Oil on canvas, 38x50 cm
Lea Nikel (1918–2005)


Mixed media on cardboard, 75х55 cm
Jacob Novogroder (1936)

Two apples under a sprawling tree

Oil on canvas, 32х29 cm
Avshalom Okashi (1916–1980)

View of Acre

Gouache on paper, 48х68 cm
Yigal Ozeri (1958)

Pigeons by the Window, 2004

Oil on canvas, 92X61 cm
Israel Paldi (1892–1979)

Reading woman at the table

Oil on canvas, 54х66 cm
Zoltan Perlmutter (1922–2002)

Night city by the sea

Oil on canvas, 35х54 cm
Yehuda Rodan (1916–1996)

Rural landscape

Oil on canvas, 30х40 cm
Moshe Rosenthalis (1922–2008)

Model in the studio

Oil on cardboard, 35х25 cm
Leo Roth (1914–2002)

Young family in a kibbutz

Oil on cardboard, 51х66 cm

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